Blog Posts in July, 2005

  • 25-Jul-2005

    Statutory Rape Sorting Out the California Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Law

    By Vince Imhoff, Esq., and Dan Rhoads Age Aint Nothing but a Number : The title of Aaliyahs first album was a not-so-subtle justification of her relationship with R. Kelly. When she was 15 and he was 25, the two were married secretly; but her parents ...
  • 14-Jul-2005

    Assault and Battery: Legal Considerations

    By: Vince Imhoff, Esq. & Mike Riddell In late 2004, Cameron Diaz and her pop-star boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, were walking out of a Sunset Strip nightclub when they encountered a paprazzi photographer. Diaz, the Charlies Angels star, hit the ...

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