Blog Posts in 2008

  • 25-Nov-2008

    Connecticut Student's Criminal Charges Settled

    Christian Haughwout, a 14-year old freshman student, was charged with illegal possession of a weapon and a series of other crimes after converting a throwaway camera into a taser-like weapon and bringing it to school. In April 2008, Christian was ...
  • 13-Nov-2008

    California Designer Convicted of Sexual Assault

    A Beverly Hills fashion designer has just been found guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault that could result in him receiving a lifetime prison sentence. Anand Jon Alexander, 34, has been convicted of raping seven females, ranging in age from ...
  • 27-Oct-2008

    "America's Sheriff" Suspected of Corruption

    Sheriff Michael Carona, 53, of Orange County, California was nicknamed “America’s Sheriff” about five years ago by CNN talk-show host Larry King. Carona’s time as “America’s Sheriff” may be coming to an end, ...
  • 27-Oct-2008

    California Man Suspected of Felony DUI

    A fatal car collision that occurred near Coachella, California has resulted in the deaths of three children and one adult. On Monday, October 27, 2008 at 1 a.m., a 2009 Cadillac CTS ran a stop sign and ploughed into a 1995 Ford Taurus. Andres Z. ...
  • 23-Oct-2008

    Child Murderer Sentenced to Death Penalty

    The Supreme Court of Kentucky has just issued an order that will set forth the execution of Marco Allen Chapman, a 36-year old felon convicted of two counts of murder. In addition to these murder charges, Chapman has also been convicted of one count ...
  • 6-Oct-2008

    Bus Driver Charged with Felony DUI

    Quinton Joey Watts, a 52-year old bus driver, has been charged with a felony DUI following a fatal crash that killed 8 and injured 35 other passengers. The bus, which was heading for a Northern Californian casino, crashed on an isolated road in ...
  • 29-Jul-2008

    Boston Man Files Suit Against City

    A man who was wrongly convicted of a sexual assault crime and spent seven years as a registered sex offender, after being released from prison, was recently proved innocent. The innocent victim is now filing a suit against the city for the ten years ...
  • 28-Jul-2008

    $30,000 Settlement Reached in False Arrest Case

    A woman living in Syracuse, New York, recently reached a settlement in the suit she filed against the city for her false arrest and imprisonment. The arrest occurred four years ago and since this time the woman, was arrested on drug charges and ...

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