Blog Posts in 2010

  • 18-Nov-2010

    Assault & Battery Charges are Taken Serious in California

    Assault and battery charges are taken serious in California. California Penal Code 240 defines assault as "an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another. A battery is defined under California ...
  • 9-Oct-2010

    Always Appoint a Qualified California Criminal Attorney for Your Legal Needs

    An arrest for domestic abuse in California is a serious matter. It could affect your chances of obtaining employment, prevent you from purchasing a fire arm and you could face jail time, fines, attendance of a batter's counseling program and/or a ...
  • 4-Sep-2010

    California Sex Offender Registration Laws and Changes in Conviction Penalties

    California sex offender laws are strict. If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felon y sex offense crime in California, besides serving jail time or completing probation, you must also register as a sex offender. California Penal Code ...
  • 18-Jul-2010

    Common Drug Offenses in Florida

    Common drug offenses in Florida involve marijuana. Florida has the harshest marijuana laws in the nation. If you are arrested and convicted of drug offenses for possession, sale, cultivation or distribution of marijuana, you could face jail time, ...
  • 28-Apr-2010

    Assault and battery charges are serious in Colorado

    Assault and battery charges are serious in Colorado. Most assault and battery charges occur as a result of a physical fight or verbal argument that turns physical. Unfortunately, even if you did not cause the fight and you were defending yourself or ...
  • 10-Feb-2010

    California and Michigan New Drunk Driving Laws

    New changes to the California drunk driving laws are coming in 2010. Effective July 1, 2010, AB91 and SB 598 will require drivers convicted of a DUI to have a California ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles, whether they are first ...
  • 20-Jan-2010

    California Property Crimes Down in 2009

    The California Attorney General's Office released their findings regarding property crimes in a Preliminary Report covering January 2009 through December 2009, reporting that property crimes were down 11% in California during the year 2009 compared ...
  • 15-Jan-2010

    Changes in Oregon DUII Laws Effective January 1, 2010

    While Oregon State Police reported a decrease in DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) arrests between December 31, 2009 and January 1, 2010, from 52 DUII arrests made the same time last year to 34 DUII arrests throughout the state during ...

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