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Criminal Lawyer

Being represented by a skilled, aggressive criminal lawyer is the single most useful step you can take when you’ve been charged with a crime. The criminal lawyers at Imhoff & Associates, PC are all highly knowledgeable in their field, with years of trial and plea negotiation experience working in their clients’ favor.

When You Need a Criminal Lawyer

Sometimes people underestimate the nature of criminal charges; even a misdemeanor charge can have serious and permanent consequences if a conviction is handed down. Whatever the charge —

  • DUI
  • Drug possession
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Rape
  • Probation violation

— It’s always in the accused’s best interest to have a skilled criminal lawyer by his or her side.

Our attorneys have the legal skill and standing to represent individuals in cases involving both state and federal crimes. The federal criminal justice system and the 50 state systems are entirely different entities, and an individual facing penalties in any criminal system needs a defense attorney who knows the system inside out — as Imhoff & Associate criminal lawyers do.

Criminal Lawyers Dedicated To Defending Your Rights

Every criminal law case is a new, unique challenge to a seasoned criminal lawyer, and we take on our clients’ defenses with everything we’ve got. Protecting and advancing the legal rights guaranteed to you by your state and federal Constitutions is our sole mission, and we strive to obtain the very best outcome of each criminal case.

Your Imhoff & Associates criminal lawyer will defend your right to:

  • be presumed innocent of any alleged crime(s)
  • get a fair and “speedy” trial
  • get a trial before a jury (in most cases)
  • use the court’s subpoena power to subpoena witnesses in your case
  • cross-examine any witnesses
  • testify on your own behalf at your trial

At Every Step of the Criminal Law Process

Your criminal lawyer will also:

  • look into the specific details of your case to gather information and determine the best course of action
  • challenge your arrest, if possible
  • advise you at your arraignment or preliminary hearing
  • work with the prosecutor to try to get your charge(s) dismissed or at least reduced
  • prepare you for your trial if one is necessary
  • represent you in court at each appearance and at trial
  • argue for a favorable sentence if you receive a conviction

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