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The penalties for federal drug trafficking are very severe. If you're under investigation by a federal agency for drug trafficking, or if you've been arrested or charged with drug trafficking, it's in your best interest to have highly competent and experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side. Imhoff & Associates is a multi-jurisdictional criminal defense firm with a reputation for vigorously—and successfully—defending the rights of the accused. Contact us today to discuss your case with ​a drug lawyer near you.

Factors That Affect Your Federal Drug Trafficking Case

The severity of the penalties you face depend on matters such as:

  • The type of drugs alleged to have been trafficked
  • The amount of drugs involved
  • Whether evidence of drug trafficking is available, such as possession of large amounts of cash, several cell phones/beepers, weapons, scales and measuring devices
  • Whether this is a first drug trafficking offense for you
  • Whether any person was seriously injured or killed in the alleged drug trafficking
  • Whether any minor (person under 18 years old) was involved in the trafficking
  • Your status as an adult or minor
  • Your prior criminal record, if any
  • Whether state and/or international borders were crossed
  • Whether the drugs were distributed near a school or to minors

Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Drug Trafficking

Federal judges considering drug trafficking penalties usually start by reviewing the federal sentencing guidelines, which set out the possible criminal sentences based primarily on two factors:

  • the "offense level" (of which there are more than 40 for drug charges), and
  • the defendant's criminal history

The higher the offense level, the worse the sentence will be. Having a prior criminal record will increase the sentence. If you're a first-time offender, the penalties are less, but they still may include prison time, forfeiture of personal property and real estate, steep fines, and deportation if you're not a U.S. citizen.

What Your Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney Will Do

A federal prosecutor may offer a defendant a plea bargain - an offer of a lesser charge if you plead guilty to it. A plea bargain offer and any other dealings with a federal prosecutor are some of the most important events you'll ever face, and you should not go through them alone. The sole mission of your Imhoff & Associates defense attorney is to make sure that your legal rights are protected at every stage of the criminal case process.

Don't discuss your drug trafficking case with the law enforcement officers (DEA, ICE, Coast Guard, etc.) without your defense attorney present. The agents and prosecutors may offer you the chance to explain your circumstances, but everything that you say can be used against you later in court.

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Your constitutionally guaranteed right to remain silent, have an attorney, get a fair and speedy trial, and be presumed innocent until proven guilty are best upheld by an aggressive criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. Contact a federal drug trafficking lawyer at Imhoff & Associates for experienced, skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers who can help you.