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Marijuana attorneys are criminal defense lawyers who focus their legal practice on drug crimes. Although marijuana seems like a "minor" drug to many people, a conviction for a marijuana-related crime can cause significant trouble for you, now and throughout the rest of your life. Most states and the federal government have laws mandating harsh penalties for marijuana-related crimes such as:

  • possessing
  • growing
  • transporting
  • distributing, and
  • selling marijuana

A Marijuana Attorney's Role

A criminal defense lawyer's work on the behalf of an accused individual can make a great deal of difference in the outcome of a case. The skills, knowledge and experience of a marijuana defense attorney will be put to use to protect the rights of the accused and minimize the negative consequences of the charges.

A marijuana lawyer can challenge the circumstances of an individual's arrest, interrogation or investigation. He or she can be present at an interrogation (if contacted soon enough) and will work to get the marijuana charge(s) reduced or dismissed. If a plea bargain is appropriate and beneficial, your lawyer will explain such options to you.

For example, a prosecutor (whether state or federal) makes the decision whether to issue a felony or misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession based in part on the amount of marijuana. If it's relatively small (e.g., less than an ounce), the accused may be eligible for a dismissal of the charge, or just the payment of a fine. A marijuana defense attorney can tell a client what he or she can expect from the state or federal criminal justice process.

Penalties for Marijuana Offenses

The potential penalties for marijuana crimes include:

  • jail or prison time
  • electronic monitoring
  • fines
  • forfeiture of property
  • mandatory community service
  • mandatory drug counseling
  • work release
  • registering as a drug offender

Factors Affecting Marijuana Penalties

Several factors affect the charges that may be issued in a given individual's case, such as the amount of the marijuana involved, and the individual's:

  • age - e.g., adult vs. minor (under 18 years old)
  • previous criminal activity
  • prior drug convictions or arrests
  • whether the marijuana was in the form of plants or ready-to-use
  • whether any minor was involved in the incident on which the charge is based
  • whether the accused was in possession of drug paraphernalia such as scales or baggies, or a large amount of cash

Individuals facing drug charges should contact a marijuana defense lawyer today to learn more about their legal rights.

Individuals facing drug charges should contact a marijuana defense lawyer today to learn more about their legal rights.

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