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If you or someone you know has been arrested for growing marijuana for medical purposes, it is important to consult an experienced drug offense attorney who understands the laws governing medicinal marijuana in your state. Every state has different rules and regulations concerning cannabis growth. At Imhoff & Associates, our marijuana defense attorneys understand the complexities of medical marijuana arrests and will provide you with the defense you need.

Permit to Grow Medicinal Marijuana

Even in states that have medicinal marijuana laws such as California, Alaska and Washington, you must obtain a permit to grow limited amounts of medical marijuana. Even with a permit, persons who grow cannabis for medical purposes have to be careful. If at any point a pot grower who has a permit is suspected of growing marijuana for purposes that are not medicinal, he or she can be arrested and prosecuted.

The laws surrounding permits to grow marijuana differ from state to state, so it is important to learn about the laws in your specific state before growing marijuana.

Growing Medical Marijuana Laws

There are 14 states that have medical marijuana laws, including: California, Alaska, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Mexico and Oregon. The laws, in effect, protect individuals who smoke pot to treat medical conditions such as AIDS, cancer and glaucoma against being arrested at the state level. There are certain restrictions that apply in each state, however, that if broken could result in prosecution.

These restrictions apply to growing cannabis as well. If, at any time, a person, or cannabis club with a permit to grow for medical reasons is believed to exceed the restrictions of the law, they may be arrested. Some states have harsher penalties.

How it Works: Growing Medical Marijuana Legally

The laws in each state carry their own limitations. They do, however, work in essentially the same way. After a doctor attests a serious medical condition, the ill person will have to apply for an identification card, which will allow him or her to grow and smoke a specified amount of pot. If a patient is caught growing, or possessing amounts that surpass the set limits, he or she may be arrested.

In some cases, patients and their caregivers are unable to grow marijuana on their own. Medical marijuana subsidiaries are storefront facilities that sell medical cannabis to patients. Also referred to as cannabis clubs, subsidiaries are not an exception to the law.

Discuss Your Concerns With a Drug Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for using, growing, possessing or distributing marijuana, contact a marijuana defense attorney at Imhoff & Associates for help today. We will evaluate the specific terms of your case and explain all your legal rights and options in depth.