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Child molestation charges are often brought based on the mere allegation by a child or adult that molestation has occurred. While there are often no witnesses and there may or may not be physical evidence, charges are brought by a state or federal prosecutor nevertheless. It's in the best interest of an individual who is facing child molestation charges to get highly knowledgeable legal counsel and representation immediately. If you or someone you love is facing any type of child molestation charges, contact the experienced criminal defense firm; Imhoff & Associates for legal help today.

Related State or Federal Charges

An individual may be facing child molestation charges brought by a county district attorney (state charges) or by a federal prosecutor, or both. The accused may also have to deal with related charges, such as:

The skilled criminal defense attorneys at our law firm provide very thorough and effective defense representation for all of these offenses, whether they're misdemeanor or felony charges.

Child Molestation Allegations

The defense of child molestation charges requires a significant level of familiarity with the relevant laws and the criminal justice system in which the charges are being brought. The prosecutors and police have a great deal of resources on their side, and they know that judges and jurors are prone to taking the word of children or adults who make allegations of child molestation. Indeed, a jury may issue a guilty verdict based solely on a testimony from a child.

Defenses against Child Molestation Charges

At Imhoff & Associates, our defense lawyers are with their clients at every step of the criminal case process, including:

  • Investigation
  • Interviewing the parties involved
  • Reviewing police records
  • Discussion of the case with the prosecuting attorney
  • Plea agreement when appropriate
  • Pre-trial and other hearings
  • Motions and trial preparation
  • Trial and post-trial representation
  • Appeal of conviction if one is obtained

Get Legal Help for Child Molestation Charges

No matter what the stage or circumstances of your case, if you're facing child molestation charges, you need the best legal representation possible. Contact child molestation attorneys at Imhoff & Associates today to schedule a no-cost, confidential consultation.