Former Utah Police Officer Fired for Filing False DUI Charges

January 7th, 2013

Police Car Lights


Lisa Steed, a former Utah Highway Patrol Officer, who was named Utah Highway Patrol’s “Trooper of the Year” in 2007 for making more than 200 DUI arrests, was fired by the department in November for alleged misconduct charges related to her duties. Steed admitted in Court in May of 2012, that during administering a BAC test on Theron Alexander in March 2010, she removed her microphone to perform an unauthorized act.


A class-action lawsuit was filed against Steed and her superiors on December 14, 2012, in District Court in Salt Lake City. The amount of monetary damages is yet to be determined. The lawsuit alleges that Steed filed false DUI charges against numerous people who had passed sobriety tests during her career with the police force. According to Studebaker, more than 40 people have contacted him claiming Steed wrongfully arrested them for DUI or drug charges.


According to the lead attorney in the lawsuit, a dashcam video from 2011 shows Steed pulling over an unidentified woman, who has now joined the lawsuit, for a suspected DUI and arresting her after performing a series of sobriety tests. The attorney claims that even though the woman passed all the tests, she was still arrested for DUI. The charges against the woman were later dropped because her blood test revealed that that there was no alcohol in her system.


Another dashcam video in 2009 showed Steed stun-gunning a motorist, who was determined to be sober later. The state settled the case against Steed in November 2011 for $40,000, without admitting any wrongdoing by Steed or the department.


Steed is currently under investigation by the FBI.


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