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A child pornography defense takes into account every aspect of the accused individual's case — positive, negative and neutral. The prosecution will use all of its significant powers to investigate and convict the accused, and it is therefore crucial for the accused to provide a complete, thorough defense. The criminal defense lawyers at Imhoff & Associates have the skills and knowledge to ensure such a legal defense to child pornography charges.

Federal or State Child Pornography Offenses

An important aspect of a child pornography defense is whether the charge involved will be state, federal, or even both. The U.S. government has an extensive number of agencies and dollars at work to snare people involved in any part of the child porn industry, including:

  • Production
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
  • Sale
  • Possession, and
  • Internet trafficking

The individual states also devote an increasing amount of money and time to catching and punishing persons involved in child pornography. Thus, an in-depth knowledge of both federal and state child pornography laws is necessary for a full and effective defense.

International Trafficking of Child Pornography

In addition, beyond the state boundaries and federal borders, some child pornography offenses may involve international laws (particularly when aspects of the case cross international lines). Although the means of producing and distributing child pornography have changed over the years, law enforcement agencies strive to keep up with the advances in technology.

A criminal defense lawyer who has devoted years of effort to the counsel of individuals accused of child pornography offenses is the best choice for defense in these cases. Many criminal defense attorneys do not handle child pornography cases, and it's wise for the accused to work with a defense attorney with the right legal experience and knowledge.

Law Enforcement May Not Announce Itself

If you even suspect that you might be under investigation for involvement with child porn — including the viewing of child pornography on your home computer — it is possible that a law enforcement agency has already started collecting evidence against you, and you should speak with a defense lawyer immediately. Contact a criminal lawyer at Imhoff & Associates today and speak to a knowledgeable child pornography attorney, in confidence, about your defense.

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