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Solicitation for prostitution, often referred to simply as solicitation, is considered a sex crime in most states and involves the act of asking for or encouraging the exchange of sexual services for money. The penalties associated with solicitation charges vary from state-to-state some states prosecute solicitation vigorously and may potentially include jail time, mandatory registration as a sex offender, community service, and more.

A sex crime conviction almost always has devastating lifelong social and legal consequences for the accused. If you've been charged with solicitation or related crime, you need an aggressive and proven criminal defense attorney on your side. Please contact a criminal lawyer at Imhoff & Associates today for a FREE case evaluation.

Solicitation Defense

Sting operations conducted by law enforcement agencies are not uncommon and are, in fact, notorious for ensnaring innocent people. Unfortunately, solicitation is one of those crimes where many accused individuals have no prior criminal history and are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At Imhoff & Associates, we are committed to protecting the rights of the accused and making sure they receive fair and just treatment throughout the entire process. We understand that cases involving solicitation and related sex crimes such as prostitution and pandering are especially serious and strive to ensure our clients receive the highest quality legal defense.

When determining a defense strategy, we begin by thoroughly examining all the evidence and circumstances of your arrest. Once we have all the facts, we can work on building an individualized defense for your case. Possible defense strategies may be based on:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Entrapment
  • Factual innocence
  • Insufficient evidence
  • More

Accused of Solicitation?

Don't wait to seek legal help. You may face severe punishments ranging from jail time to loss of certain rights, heavy fines, mandatory rehabilitation, and more. Let us help you. Please contact a solicitation defense attorney today for a FREE consultation with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who can evaluate your case and help you determine a course of action to obtain the best possible outcome.

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