Blog Posts in 2007

  • 5-Dec-2007

    Convicted Perpetrator in Bridegroom Murder Ready to Appeal Sentence

    Fresno, Fresno County: The initial brief in the Fresno court of appeals has been filed for the murder conviction of Ted Blackmon. Blackmon, 27 years old, had his public defender state an almost identical argument that his defense counsel made during ...
  • 4-Dec-2007

    Arrests Commence in Palo Alto Shooting

    San Jose/Palo Alto, Santa Clara County: A man was taken into custody by East Palo Alto police for allegedly shooting a man multiple times on the 25000 block of Fordham Street. The suspect was processed and then charged with Attempted Murder. Because ...
  • 2-Nov-2007

    Arrested on Suspicion of Battery

    Bakersfield: A Prosecutor for the Kern County District Attorney’s office by the name of Andrea Kohler was taken into custody at a casino in Santa Barbara County. County Sheriffs say that she was arrested on suspicion of Battery on October 20th; ...
  • 30-Oct-2007

    Four Men in Bakersfield Accused in Fight Arraigned

    Bakersfield: Four individuals accused of being involved in a fight with Bakersfield Police officers were arraigned in Superior Court; three suspects are still yet to be arraigned. Four Men Charged in Relation to Fight All four men, Dagoberto Amaya, ...
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