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If you've been charged with a crime in Beverly Hills or anywhere throughout Southern California, you need an experienced Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights and defend your reputation. Imhoff & Associates, PC, is a leading national criminal defense law firm located in Los Angeles, California. Imhoff & Associates has over 660 local experienced attorneys throughout the country, including in Beverly Hills.

When facing criminal charges in Beverly Hills, you expect a quality attorney that Beverly Hills is famous for. Imhoff & Associates understands your fears and anxiety. We want you to know we will defend you with every legal strategy, work tirelessly with a goal of reducing or eliminating the charges against you, defend your reputation, and help you get your life back on track. Our attorneys understand the local courts, DA, and police departments, and how to work with them on behalf of our clients. Regardless of the crime you are being charged with, or the location (even outside of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, or even outside of California), Imhoff & Associates has your covered. We handle all types of criminal law including DUI/DWI, drug crimes, property crimes, child sex crimes, domestic violence, professional license defense, theft, and violent crimes.

Beverly Hills is well known for celebrities, upscale shopping and dining, and a famous tourist destination bringing in millions of people from all over the world every year. Rodeo Drive is a popular shopping destination bringing in the world's most upscale clothing and jewelry, and leading the fashion industry. It's not uncommon to run across several celebrities during a visit to Beverly Hills, and to see some of the nicest automobiles the world has to offer driving in the area.

If you've been charged with a crime in Beverly Hills or anywhere throughout Southern California, you expect an experienced tough fighting law firm to handle your criminal defense case. Imhoff & Associates is that experienced law firm you are looking for, with the attorneys, staff, and resources necessary to help you achieve a better outcome for your case.

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Case Results

  • California: California Drug Case Deferred Entry of Judgment!
  • Oregon: Client facing four criminal counts, which included firearm possession. Three Charges Dismissed!
  • Georgia: Client was held on possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia. Case Dismissed!
  • California: Grand Theft, Burglary, Embezzlement House Arrest!

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