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Being accused of a criminal offense is a serious matter, one that requires serious legal representation. At Imhoff & Associates, PC, this is exactly what we strive to provide to accused individuals in Georgia. If you are a suspect in a crime, don't hesitate to seek our immediate help. Time is of the essence. The longer you wait to retain skilled legal representation, the greater the possibilities will be that you will be convicted. Depending on the charges you face, you could be harshly penalized with serious penalties, such as incarceration, steep fines, and a criminal record. Having a criminal record could drastically limit your choices of housing and employment. Don't let that happen to you.

We can defend you from criminal charges such as:

  • DUI / DWI
  • Professional license defense
  • Sex crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug crimes

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Imhoff & Associates, PC: Shielding You from Serious Penalties

Our firm has handled thousands of cases over the years and has obtained countless successful results. We can launch an exhaustive investigation into your case in order to determine if your rights were violated by law enforcement officials during your arrest.
Should you retain our high-quality services, you may benefit from the following:
  • Regular updates from your case manager
  • Skilled representation that is personalized to reflect your needs
  • One-time flat fees with no hidden expenses (varies on a case-by-case basis)

We Are Here to Help You Get Through This

With so much at stake, you are undoubtedly under a great deal of stress. We wish to make this less overwhelming and build your confidence in moving forward with your case. How? We will take care of all the paperwork and details associated with your case on your behalf. With our help, you can navigate the Georgia justice system without making a misstep.

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Case Results

  • California: California Drug Case Deferred Entry of Judgment!
  • Oregon: Client facing four criminal counts, which included firearm possession. Three Charges Dismissed!
  • Georgia: Client was held on possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia. Case Dismissed!
  • California: Grand Theft, Burglary, Embezzlement House Arrest!

Your Future Matters

  • Deeply Appreciative
  • I was a basket case before I called Imhoff and spoke to Lina
  • Excellent customer service
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