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Suddenly being placed in handcuffs for a crime is a serious situation, one that must be addressed with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. If you are dealing with a criminal accusation, we at Imhoff & Associates PC can give you the client-focused representation you need to get through this. We wish to make this experience less overwhelming for you by taking care of all the details associated with your case.

We accept various kinds of cases, including the following:

  • Sex crimes
  • DUI / DWI
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Professional license defense

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Tenaciously Pursuing the Most Positive Case Results Possible

Whether we are handling a criminal case at the state or federal level, our goal is to obtain the most positive outcome possible, such as a reduction of charges, or even a dismissal. With thousands of cases handled to our name, we have the insight and tools required to defend you, inside and outside of court. Our dedicated Montana criminal defense lawyers truly care about the men and women we represent.

Why should you hire our firm to fight for you? Consider the following reasons:

  • We offer one-time flat fees for most of the cases we accept
  • Personal case managers keep our clients updated about the status of their cases

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We are readily available to answer any questions you may have about your case. By having the answers you need, along with additional information, you can feel empowered by being well-informed about the extent of you rights. Imhoff & Associates, PC is the kind of law firm you want on your side, tenaciously advocating on your behalf.

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Case Results

  • California: California Drug Case Deferred Entry of Judgment!
  • Oregon: Client facing four criminal counts, which included firearm possession. Three Charges Dismissed!
  • Georgia: Client was held on possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia. Case Dismissed!
  • California: Grand Theft, Burglary, Embezzlement House Arrest!

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  • Deeply Appreciative
  • I was a basket case before I called Imhoff and spoke to Lina
  • Excellent customer service
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