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At Imhoff & Associates, PC, our South Carolina criminal defense attorneys are highly skilled and dedicated. When responding to the charges you face, we will act swiftly in order to increase the chances that a favorable outcome will be achieved. We believe that you rights and future are worth fighting for, which is why we are relentless advocates for our clients. Don't navigate the judicial system alone.

Focused entirely on criminal defense law, we can defend individuals accused of:

  • Violent crimes
  • DUI / DWI
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • White collar crimes

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Thousands of Cases Strategically Handled

Our firm has handled thousands of cases, from the most straightforward to the most complex. There are always two sides to every story-we are here to tell your story. We will create a results-driven strategy that reflects the unique aspects of your case. Our mission is to obtain the most favorable case result possible for the accused men and women we represent.

Some benefits of working with our firm include:

  • Reliable legal guidance
  • A productive attorney-client relationship
  • Flat legal fees (depending on the case)

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Being informed is crucial when facing criminal charges. Our team makes every effort to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of their options. When you are represented by our firm, you can feel peace of mind in knowing we will let nothing stand in our way when shielding you from penalties. As soon as you enlist our services, we will assign a case manager to your case who will keep you informed during the entire process.

Please call us today to discover the extent of your rights.

Case Results

  • California: California Drug Case Deferred Entry of Judgment!
  • Oregon: Client facing four criminal counts, which included firearm possession. Three Charges Dismissed!
  • Georgia: Client was held on possession of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia. Case Dismissed!
  • California: Grand Theft, Burglary, Embezzlement House Arrest!

Your Future Matters

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  • I was a basket case before I called Imhoff and spoke to Lina
  • Excellent customer service
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