Arrested for Home Invasion?

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Home invasion refers to the act of forcefully entering a private home in order to commit a violent crime, such as rape, armed robbery or murder. This Police car lightscharge could lead to harsh penalties, such as imprisonment and expensive fines, especially when it is committed with one of the previously mentioned crimes. If you have been accused of home invasion, we at Imhoff & Associates are here for you. Our local defense lawyers are committed to delivering the most favorable case outcomes possible, such as a dismissal or charge reduction.

What Rights do You Have if Someone Breaks Into Your House?

The use of deadly force can be justified as self-defense depending on the circumstances of the home invasion. Now, while that's the case in for a criminal defense, the burglar can file a civil lawsuit. It is best to purchase insurance for your firearms because you will be covered if there’s a liability issue, because even if you catch somebody doing something wrong, you still might get sued for it. Consider purchasing a security camera system in your home, incase someone invades your home, you can contact the police immediately.

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We represent individuals across the country who face a wide variety of criminal charges, such as home invasion and burglary. With a national network of attorneys in 49 states, we are capable of defending individuals in their own state. Laws vary from state to state, but our legal team is knowledgeable about the laws that relate to our client's cases.

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At our reputable law firm, we strive to provide attentive and personalized legal services to our clients. Our vast resources allow us to give the men and women we represent the reliable and timely counsel they need and deserve. Facing criminal charges is already stressful enough-the last thing our clients need is additional stress about how to navigate the judicial system. We will provide you with step-by-step guidance from start to finish.

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