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  • "Our family couldn’t be happier"

    When my grandson got into trouble with the law the words defendant, grand jury, district attorney, judge, and indictment took on new meanings. When an infraction seemed somewhat minor results in a possible 2-20 year sentence it’s time find an attorney. Through our company insurance we were lucky to locate IMHOFF and Associates and a lawyer was selected to review the charges. Gene informed us of the seriousness of the four (4) charges and worked diligently to get three (3) charges dropped and the final charge resulted in a “deferred adjudication”; our family couldn’t be happier. I would recommend the law firm and Gene to anyone needing help with criminal law problems.

  • "I will forever be grateful that I chose you guys to handle our case"

    Imhoff & Associates were recommended through my employers benefits program. I spoke with them regarding my case and they quickly had someone available to get started. The attorney handled our case masterfully! I have nothing but a huge debt of gratitude for our Atty. Mr. Larry Vandersnick and the whole Imhoff & Associates team. I will forever be grateful that I chose you guys to handle our case.

  • "I wouldn't hesitate to give them a call"

    Awesome experience with Imhoff & Associates. My case was handled by Roberto and overseen by Sean. Both were extremely clear, helpful, and proactive in my situation. Without needing to go to a single court date, the team expunged my charges and got me back on track. I wouldn't hesitate to give them a call.

  • “My fears were put at ease."

    “My fears were put at ease. I was given a step-by-step explanation of what was going to happen.”

  • “Imhoff & Associates help to minimize damage..."

    “Imhoff & Associates help to minimize damage created by legal confusion.”

  • "I almost felt like I was being represented by a trusted family member.”

    “I get the impression they truly care about their clients. I almost felt like I was being represented by a trusted family member.”

  • "exceptionally personable..."

    “Alan was exceptionally personable, confident, and organized. His and Kathleen's ability to bring full disclosure and humor to the table upon our first meeting put me at ease and I wouldn't have asked for anything more.”

  • "very knowledgeable; competent.”

    “Quality of the voice on the other end of the line—very knowledgeable; competent.”

  • "It doesn't feel like it's about money, but about our son's well being.”

    “Heart & commitment. It doesn't feel like it's about money, but about our son's well being.”

  • “They gave me reassurance and made me feel confident."

    “They gave me reassurance and made me feel confident. They were not judgmental.”

  • "Extremely calming effect.”

    “When I was talking to the people from your firm, they gave me a calming effect especially when I was able to talk to them. Extremely calming effect.”

  • "...really impressive!”

    “I was impressed with the fact that they offered up a cell phone number if I need to get a hold of him he was there. That was really impressive!”

  • "They treated me with dignity and respect"

    “They treated me with dignity and respect and they realized that I was not a common street hood.”

  • “They provided superior services at a rapid pace"

    “They provided superior services at a rapid pace. My attorney was able to dismiss my case and reassured me through the whole process that things would work out. He communicated well with me and was easily accessible for me to reach. I was informed throughout the whole process about what would happen and what's going to happen.”

  • Just Wanted To Let You Know How Pleased My Husband and I Were...

    Hello Ms. (Firm Attorney): This is Mr. And Mrs. (name withheld for confidentiality purposes). Just wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I were with Mr. (Firm Attorney). I must admit we were very nervous about this but Mr. (Firm Attorney) showed great concern and that really meant a lot so thank you so much it’s really hard to find good people these days but I’m glad we came across you guys so please keep up the good work.


    Mr and Mrs (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • I'd Like To Extend My Thanks

    Hello (Firm Attorney)

    I want to take a moment to shoot you a line now that the court proceedings are over. First I’d like to extend my thanks to you for your naturally good nature. I have a great deal of respect for your direct honest, and tactful way that you treated my family and me. You really stuck your neck out for us and it means a lot to me, especially when you called your office for my mom the afternoon of the sentencing.

    I can’t fully express my thanks about how grateful I am about, the way you scored me this deal. I can assure you that I’ll be using my time wisely and productively once I’m released from the land of the stone, steel and stale food!

    (part of letter withheld for confidentiality purposes)

    If we happen to cross paths again, I’ll be sure that the circumstances are more ideal…

    All the Best.

    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • I Am Pleased To Write This Letter Of Gratitude

    Imhoff and Associates,PC

    Criminal Defense Attorneys

    This is (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes) Recently, in January of this year, (information withheld for confidentiality purposes)

    I am pleased to write this letter of gratitude and recognition not only for the thorough and excellent services of Mr. (Firm Attorney) but also for Imhoff and Associates for placing him as head & director of my legal affairs. I would have to write several pages to cite the many endeavors Mr. (Firm Attorney) took to open himself to expedite my case and bring it to a satisfying conclusion. He always told me when I thanked him on any one of several occasions, "I am just doing my Job.”

    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • Thank you for your firm's services!

    Dear Mr. Imhoff

    I was recently represented by of your firm. He was extremely helpful and I was very satisfied with his representation of my case in Court. I am very happy with the outcome.

    Thank you, for your Firms services.

    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • We appreciate you

    Dear Attorney (Firm Attorney),

    We want to let you know that our family truly appreciates all of your valuable time and dedication that you gave for the case. We also appreciate your profound professional knowledge which gave these case great benefits. We were so blessed to have you as our attorney, Thank You for handling this case.

    We appreciate you sincerely

    The (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes) Family

  • Thanks a bunch!

    We the (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) Family, appreciate the excessive and skillful effort you applied to “resolve” the unfortunate situation.

    Thanks a Bunch

    From the (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • You're really good at what you do!

    Thank you so much for giving (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) his freedom. It’s the most precious gift to have. You’re really good at what you do but I think sometimes you need a chill pill. I know I need a course in not repeating. If you have freedom and your health, you’re blessed. I’ll miss our phone conversations, you always taught me.

    (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • Thank You

    (Firm Attorney)

    Thank you so very much for all you have done. I know it is your job, but what you had to put up with from me was above and beyond. This enormous burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I can now be fully focused to becoming healthy and finding the real (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) who is buried somewhere deep. I wish you the very best and hope you will accept my reaching out to you after my probation in hopes to reduce my conviction. Thank you is not enough. I wish I had the right words to express my gratitude.

    (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • Advice To Me Throughout This Process Has Been INVALUABLE!

    Hello Vince,

    I’m a client of Mr. (Firm Attorney), who represented me in a domestic violence case in the past couple of months. The case was dismissed in court last Friday.

    The in-court dismissal (as opposed to a JED or reduction in charge) was a very positive outcome. Mr. (Firm Attorney), had told me in the beginning that we’d be very fortunate to get that. And an in-court dismissal was exactly what happened, thanks in great part to Mr. (Firm Attorney), thorough preparations, and courtroom savvy in gauging how best to respond to the judges and the DA’s during court and in the weeks between court appearances, and especially his counsel to me in how best to manage the situation with my wife advice to me throughout this process has been invaluable. His experience and good judgment were often all I had to rely on when I didn’t know what to make of what was happening. When I first contacted you, you had told me that the attorney I want is one who would go in court and fight for me. Certainly did that. He was calm even when the prosecution was at their harshest, and was aggressive when the appropriate moments came and when it counted the most. Mr. (Firm Attorney), is a very good lawyer, one who truly enjoys a day of good lawyering, who truly cares about his client. It was great to have Mr. (Firm Attorney), on my side throughout all this.

    I’m very grateful to Mr. (Firm Attorney), and to all of you at Imhoff and Associates for this best possible outcome in my case. Thank you, very much.


    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • You Made Me A Happy Man and Gave Me My Life Back!!!

    Dear Mr.(Firm Attorney),

    Thank you for doing such a grate job on my case. You made me a happy man and gave me my life back, because in a way I was still in prison for those 10 years as a sex offender, Thanks to you it’s all over now. I’m finally free.

    P.S. I may need to hire you again sometime in the near future to take care of a matter in Washington for me. I’ll call you when I’m ready to hire you to take care of this matter for me if your (Firm Case Manager Firm Attorney) are available at that time, it’s a small matter but I will need an attorney to handle it in the state of Washington. Forgive my spelling.

    ...(part of letter was removed for confidentiality purposes)

    Thank you,

    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • We Are All So GRATEFUL To You

    Mr. Imhoff and Associates

    I am sending you this letter in reference to Mr. (Firm Attorney)

    Mr. (Firm Attorney), was assigned to my son’s case. Mr. (Firm Attorney), was very professional and personally supportive with regards to my son’s case for Petty Theft with a prior Residential Burglary. Without his expertise to prove his innocence I am not sure if the outcome of he case could have been successful.

    Considering the stress that such a process brings on, his sensitivity and understanding to my son’s charges did make it a lot easier because I knew that he would do everything he could for a favorable resolution on my son’s behalf. Mr. Imhoff, I have to reiterate that Mr. (Firm Attorney), went over and beyond what I expected of him. He returned phone calls in a timely manner and took the time to explain in detail any questions and court proceedings with integrity.

    Mr. (Firm Attorney), on behalf of the family I wish to express our deepest appreciation for your professionalism and sensitivity in dealing with my son’s predicament so expeditiously and effectively. We are all so grateful to you that it has worked out so well. Please know that I would highly recommend your Law Firm and services to anyone in need in the future. Mr. (Firm Attorney), I have to say that you are a great lawyer and person and I thank you."


    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • You Are A SUPER Lawyer!!

    Dear Attorney (Firm Attorney), and Imhoff and Associates:

    It is almost Thanksgiving now, and it is really the time for me to express my gratefulness and appreciation to you and your firm for getting me back to my life from a really hard situation. I should have done this longtime ago, but I was just too busy as you can imagine getting out of a horrible legal claim, relocating again with my son, and trying to pick up my research as fast as I can after a rather long career gap.

    Although it was a bad situation for me and it always makes me feel painful to think about it, I couldn’t help thinking all this issue at many moments. With an adult child husband like mine, it seemed not too difficult to understand why and how this kind of thing could happen, and I had fault too of course. Anyway, I am so very happy about my new job and new life here in Houston now, and I owe all of this to the great help of many people,specially you, Attorney without you, I don’t see any future of myself but still struggling desperately in a nightmare.

    First of all, eased me with detailed suggestions and great compassion, which really helped me to calm down and to face a harsh reality.Secondly, you are so experienced and thoughtful that you made sure that all the issue wouldn’t go worse. I am very grateful that you thought of every aspect for me when mine involved career and probably immigration issue as well. Thirdly, you made bold and unique solution to my specific case although you are always very cautious and prepared for the worst. Also you offered and made a lot of efforts on protecting me when needed, especially in communicating with (Firm Attorney) your trustful comments and graceful writing. Fourthly, your kindness, patience and easy-going personality made me feel very comfortable. I always remember you had sleepless nights to work for me and you spent extra money to access some resource to help me out.

    Needless to say, you are a super lawyer and you indeed put client’s best interest in he spotlight and achieve the possible best as your firm promises. Thank you and your firm very much for helping me back to my normal life.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Best wishes,

    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • An absolute VICTORY FOR ME!


    I am writing this letter in regards to the attorney that you assigned to my case,(Firm Attorney). Thank You! This man took what I believed to be an impossible case for me to win and turned it into an absolute victory for me. I couldn’t be happier that I contacted you people and I can’t thank you enough! Please let the attorney know that he is, with out a doubt, worth every penny I spent.

    I Thank-You, I Thank-You all for your support and doing a great job.

    Very Sincerely Yours,

    (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • I'm Happy With The Outcome!

    Good day Ms.(Firm Case Manager)

    My name is (name withheld for confidentiality purposes),and you were of immense assistance in an odious but vital matter earlier this year. My wife had called your firm and, providentially got to speak with you,she was quite impressed and strongly suggested that I contact you. As always,Ms.(Firm Case Manager), my wife was correct.

    Outside of mundane matters like real state, my will and-yes-a divorce, this was my first experience with a law firm. Things were handled expeditiously and my case involved the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Ms. (Firm Case Manager), which moves at a glacial pace. This long-o’erdue missive is to express my appreciation, ma’am, I’m happy with the outcome of course but its your people skills that I stand in awe of, Ms.(Firm Case Manager),

    Brought good luck and good management, I spend only an hour a year on the phone. (My wife maintains that no one wants to talk to me or listen to me) Boy was it ever a pleasant surprise speaking with you, Ms.(Firm Case Manager), you were not just professional but pleasant and patient (most of us are none of the above) It was no surprise that you came across as quite bright, ma’am but you also projected warmth, and you were animated. As a rule, Ms.(Firm Case Manager), I meet someone like you, I’m impressed but clearly you are an exception. No wonder you’re the first person with whom prospective clients converse when they contact your firm. This is a tribute to your outlook and versatility. I’ll bet that you’re not only valued but also venerated at IMHOFF & ASSOCIATES. Not only are you well spoken, you listened and on top of that you have a sense of humor. We could use you in Washington, Ms.(Firm Case Manager), but I’m under the impression that you are too valuable in your profession and that you couldn’t be replaced. I trust that your alleged peers appreciate you to the extent that my wife and I do.

    I fancy myself articulate, Ms.(Firm Case Manager), but words (like “hafta”, its an Appalachian thing) don’t exist to express my appreciation. (we’ll “inerrable” does but it would ruin this theme of mine to use that one, huh?) anyhow ma’am too often we only hear about it when things go poorly; it’s my job to balance things by letting people know when they do well. One shouldn’t wait till the eulogy to send flowers I know you are a very highly evolved person, Ms.(Firm Case Manager), and in our less-than-Utopian society I hope that you’ll continue to help people and do so with panache ande’lan in what must be a most rewarding career.

    Got to go, Ms.(Firm Case Manager),

    Thanks again and again,

    Ms.(Firm Case Manager), May your dreams all come true so long!


    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • I Would Recommend His Services!

    Vince Imhoff,

    On October 15, my son was arrested and charged for intent to sell marijuana at his high school. Shortly after that, I spoke with my employee assistance program and they referred me to IMHOFF & ASSOCIATES. After a short consultation with (Firm Case Manager), I retained IMHOFF & ASSOCIATES for my son’s case and I am very grateful that Mr.(Firm Attorney), was assigned to represent my son in this case.

    From the beginning, Mr. (Firm Attorney), provided excellent legal advice and also some unsolicited advice to my son about his life. I emailed Mr. (Firm Attorney), after that to thank him for reinforcing my wife and I were telling our son. Mr. (Firm Attorney),guided our family through this difficult time in our life and the outcome was exactly what our prayers have been since October. Mr. (Firm Attorney), negotiated a plea bargain where my son would do Cal Trans or Tree Farm, probation and a fine. Although a conviction was rendered as a result of no contest plea, upon successful completion of probation in 18 months Mr. (Firm Attorney), is going to ask the courts to terminate probation, reduce the charge to a misdemeanor, and dismiss the case all the same time. I am confident that this will happen.

    Subsequent to February 26, Mr. (Firm Attorney), followed up with us with the details of my son’s probation.

    My son’s crime was serious and I wanted my son to learn a valuable lesson about consequences and yet at the same time receive mercy. I believe through Mr. (Firm Attorney)performance this outcome was achieved and we are truly thankful and relieved.

    I would recommend his services to anyone because he has a work ethic that gets results.

    Please feel free to share this letter with future clients in similar situations.


    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • Thanks You Mr.Imhoff!

    Imhoff and Associates, PC

    Dear Mr. Imhoff:

    We are writing to you today to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for Mr. (Firm Attorney), excellent legal representation for our son who was arrested for assault on January 17,2010.

    Mr. (Firm Attorney), is both skilled a compassionate and defended our son’s legal rights while guiding us through the legal process. It was very emotional and scary time for us and Mr. (Firm Attorney)’s experience in choosing an appropriate course of action resulted in my son, who was charged with a serious felony assault, being sentenced for a lesser charge of Simple Assault, Class 1 Misdemeanor.

    My son will soon be released from serving his sentence in Marshall County to return home to California where he will take his next legal steps with a California Attorney to regain custody of his two young children who are currently under their maternal grandparent’s guardianship.

    Mr. (Firm Attorney) foresight in providing information to my son for alcohol treatment, (son’s judgment had been clouded by his drinking the day/night he was arrested for the assault) resulted in my son being able to attend a very good 30-day alcohol treatment program in Sioux Falls, while still under the court’s jurisdiction. (My son’s grandparents financed the treatment) Upon returning to the Marshall County Jail to serve the remainder of his sentence, my son has continued a weekly 12-step recovery program that he’ll continue immediately upon arriving to California.

    Although Mr. (Firm Attorney), has closed the criminal case now, he has encouraged my son to continue with both his sobriety and efforts to improve the quality of his children’s lives. We are very pleased with Mr. (Firm Attorney), professionalism. He is very knowledgeable, engaging and personable human being.

    Thanks go to you Mr. Imhoff and to Mr. (Firm Attorney), of your firm. We are pleased the California State Employee’s Benefits unit recommended IMHOFF & Assoc. and that your firm provided Mr. (Firm Attorney), as our South Dakota (S.D.) attorney. We would recommend your firm to anyone needing excellent and timely legal counsel.

    Thank you,

    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

  • Thank You For Giving Us Such An Excellent Attorney!

    Hello this is (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) father I am writing you to thank you for giving us such an excellent attorney, (Firm Attorney) she saved us in more ways than one. My daughter (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) had an accident last December where a young man who was her passenger lost his life. We were told from the start that she would not be sent to jail when court came cause she had no felonies and she was 16. When she when to court on September 29th of this year only to see our baby get taken away for a sentence of one year. The public defender we had said its ok a year is not that bad, well to us it was total devastation our daughter was set to be an honor grad this year and on her way to college and that was all taken away and we were told we could do nothing about it and by chance we called you and asked could you help us and you sent us an angel named (Firm Attorney) and we may never know how she pulled it off, but she did November 10th, our baby is home and our tears of sadness have now turned to tears of joy and to some people a year don’t seem like much, but to Ms. (Firm Attorney), it was. She was determined to help and she understood what was at stake, which was a child’s future and she went beyond all we expected and I want you to know you have a special person and she should be commended for her job well done and I will tell everyone who needs help about this case. I will tell them not to hesitate to call because not only did she give us our baby back for the holidays but she gave our baby her life back and that is priceless! Thank you again and please let Ms. (Firm Attorney), know how great she is truly. She is a lifesaver bless you all.


    (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

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