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A woman living in Syracuse, New York, recently reached a settlement in the suit she filed against the city for her false arrest and imprisonment.

The arrest occurred four years ago and since this time the woman, was arrested on drug charges and despite her pleads with the officers, was taken to the Auburn Police Station.

Law Enforcement Agents Make False Arrest

Teresa Morris says she was getting ready to leave for work on the day when three law enforcement officers came to her home and arrested her on cocaine-related charges.

Morris, who was 39 at the time, was handcuffed in front of her son and taken to the police station where she was questioned, fingerprinted and photographed.

Mother Spends Day in Jail

After three hours of being in jail, the officers realized they had the wrong person, apologized, and took her home, with her handcuffs still on.

According to the suit filed by Morris, she suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. She filed the suit against the city claiming false arrest and imprisonment, assault and battery and for the violation of her constitutional rights.

The case was settled this week and Morris was compensated $30,000 in damages for the incident.


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