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At Imhoff & Associates, PC, we’re committed to providing high-quality legal defense across the nation. Our Los Angeles based criminal defense attorneys know that being accused of a crime doesn’t make you a criminal. That’s why we’re dedicated helping people like you – people facing serious criminal accusations. We treat every client with respect and integrity. We are open and honest, and we take most of our cases at a flat-fee rate. This means you don’t have to worry about hidden costs and expenses when you work with us. If you or someone you love was arrested, contact Imhoff & Associates, PC now to see how you can get a free legal consultation.

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Proven Defense Strategies

Imhoff & Associates, PC has helped thousands of clients throughout Los Angeles and across the nation. Our team provides personalized legal strategies for each client and always cultivates a constructive, positive relationship with each client. To learn more about your legal options and rights with us, contact our office today.
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