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San Jose/Palo Alto, Santa Clara County: A man was taken into custody by East Palo Alto police for allegedly shooting a man multiple times on the 25000 block of Fordham Street. The suspect was processed and then charged with Attempted Murder. Because a second suspect is still pending apprehension, the police have refused to release the name of the suspect in custody, fearing that it might hinder their ongoing investigation into the shooting.

Facts About the Crime

Officers responded to calls of shots fired at about 1:30AM and found the victim of the shooting, a twenty-seven year-old resident of Newark. The victim was found on the ground of a front yard, writhing in pain from gunshot wounds to the buttocks, shoulder, and heel. The victim survived, and is being treated for his gunshot wounds at Stanford Medical Center after being taken there from the scene of the shooting.

According to police, the victim told officers that the alleged shooters came up to him as he was walking down the street. The victim said the he began to run away, and this was when the men began shooting. After fleeing the shooters, the victim passed out in a yard on Fordham Street. Captain John Chalmers said that the men began shooting at the fleeing victim for reasons that continue to be unknown.

Officers reported that they saw one of the suspects discard a Glock 9mm pistol near the crime scene. Officers brought the man in for questioning, and are processing the ballistic “fingerprint” of the handgun to try to match it to spent shell casings found at the crime scene.

Crime Victim is Not Known for Having Gang or Drug Affiliations

Police are familiar with the victim in this case and have dealt with him in the past. They know him as someone that is not affiliated with any street gangs or drug dealing, so the cause of the shooting is all the more a mystery. It is possible that more information will be known as other suspects are apprehended.

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