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Bakersfield: A Prosecutor for the Kern County District Attorney’s office by the name of Andrea Kohler was taken into custody at a casino in Santa Barbara County. County Sheriffs say that she was arrested on suspicion of Battery on October 20th; her husband was arrested for the same charge. Neither individual was taken into custody. The report from Santa Barbara County Sheriff Office claims that Kohler and her husband got into an altercation with casino security personnel in which biting and scratching allegedly took place.

Kern County District Attorney Arrested

Forty-three year old Kohler is a Deputy District Attorney that oversees the Prison Crimes Unit. She was a prosecutor in the infamous 2006 Bruce Sons murder trial; ironically, Kohler is set to appear to the same court in Santa Maria where she participated in the Sons Trial.

Kohler and her husband were at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, where the incident took place, celebrating after attending the wedding ceremony of one of her colleagues at the District Attorney’s office. According to Sergeant Erik Raney of the Santa Barbara Sheriff, a small confrontation between the Kohler couple and security for the casino lead the incident to become more serious. The Sheriff’s report claims that Andrea Kohler’s husband, Gregory Kohler, was intoxicated and exiting the casino when he intentionally kicked a sliding glass door, knocking it off its tracks. When security guards flocked to see what happened, Gregory Kohler was allegedly highly confrontational and maliciously backed one of the guards into a space where he was prevented from walking away. Andrea Kohler walked up as the incident was taking place just as other guards approached.

Husband and Wife Charged with Misdemeanors

Upon the attempt to detain the Kohlers, it is alleged that Gregory Kohler bit one of the security guards and Andrea Kohler scratched another on the neck. The entire altercation was recorded with the casino’s surveillance camera system. Both were cited for Misdemeanor Battery at the scene and allowed to go free. No formal charges have been filed at this point, but both Mr. and Mrs. Kohler are supposed to appear in a Santa Maria courthouse on November 15th.

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