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Bakersfield: Four individuals accused of being involved in a fight with Bakersfield Police officers were arraigned in Superior Court; three suspects are still yet to be arraigned.

Four Men Charged in Relation to Fight

All four men, Dagoberto Amaya, Vladimir Bonilla, Marco Antonio Vargas, and Arturo Vargas entered not guilty pleas. The oldest out of the four suspects, thirty-four year old Amaya, was charged with Assault With a Deadly weapon, Resisting Arrest, and Affiliation with a Street Gang. Campos, the youngest of the suspects at age eighteen, was charged with Inciting a Riot. Both Vargas and Bonilla were only charged with Resisting Arrest. All four men are to be in court on November 8th for their preliminary hearing. The three men who are yet to be arraigned are Eduardo Luivano, Neysa Sanchez, and Emmanuel Cardona, all of whom were arrested for being in the fight. Two minors, one age sixteen and another age seventeen, were also arrested in connection with the fight; their names are yet to be released.

Police Called to Gang Fight

The incident began as officers were called late at night on a Saturday evening to respond to reports of a gang fight in the 300 block of Kincaid Street. One of the four arraigned suspects shouted orders to the crowd of people, instructing them to throw glass bottles and metal poles at the responding officers. According to Lieutenant Mike Cantrell, Officer Patrick Mara was knocked unconscious for a very short period of time when he was struck in the head with a beer bottle. The officer was not severely injured and did not require hospitalization.

All four of the arraigned men are currently in Kern County Jail, while the two unnamed juveniles are in the Juvenile Hall.

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