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A young man was convicted of killing one of his friends using his car as the murder weapon after a night spent bar hoping in Mississippi.

The problem began when a state trooper found the friend lying face down on the pavement, analysis revealing he was killed by a vehicle.

Two of the young man’s friends told the police that the young man had admitted them that his car had struck and killed the other friend. The young man was indicted by a grand jury on a charge of murder. He went on trial and based on the testimony of the two friends was convicted by a jury and sentenced to life in prison. His conviction was later affirmed.

While in prison, the young man wrote to his friends and convinced them to recant. One of the friends provided a sworn affidavit saying that she had lied because she was forced to by her abusive husband who wanted her to back up his assertion. Based on the recantation by both friends, the young man’s conviction was vacated and he was granted a new trial.

The case stalled for another 15 years, until finally the charges were dismissed. The young man received $281,000 in compensation from the state of Mississippi.

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